Patriot Portable Amplification System

Lifeline's own Patriot Portable Amplification System should be your first choice for a compact, lightweight, wireless portable amplification system that can go anywhere. The Patriot is perfect for the classroom and is easy for children to tote and teacher to use. The Patriot can also be used for applications outside the classroom where you need quality sound with portability.

For more information about the Patriot, including optional ways to order the system and accessories: Download Patriot Product Sheet.



Detachable Carrying strap can be used over the shoulder or as a fanny pack.


Heavy duty padded bag with non-slip bottom.


Volume control on back of the unit.


Storage pouch on top of the bag.


Identification card inside of bag.


Electronic components are housed in a metal case for maximum protection.


Specially designed amplifier/speaker produces unbelievable sound.


Charging jack on front of the unit. Charging indicator light on front of unit.
On/off light on unit power switch.


Input jack on side of the speaker/amplifier to connect external compact disc player, cassette tape player, TV, VCR, etc.; Microphone can work at same time as connected device.


  • Specially designed amplifier produces amazingly clear intelligible sound
  • Auxiliary input for compact disc player, computer, etc.

User-friendly equipment

  • Lightweight system that weighs under 3 lbs!
  • Heavy duty padded bag with non-slip bottom and carrying strap
  • Battery charger charges transmitter and amplifier/speaker at the same time using one wall outlet

Highly skilled audio professionals

  • Lifeline Audio Visual Technologies can assist with all your classroom amplification and troubleshooting needs
  • No automated phone service. Talk directly to Lifeline support staff when calling.

Call Lifeline at 800.236.4327 for help with choosing the classroom amplification system that best fits your learning environment's needs.